Cedar Docks

deck, lift,dock 002Our wooden docks are made from 100% Manitoulin White Cedar, the most environmentally friendly decking available today!

White Cedar is naturally bug and rot resistant and lasts longer outside than Western Red Cedar. White Cedar lasts twice as long as Pressure Treated lumber, is half the weight, and will not leach toxic chemicals into the water.

Note: Currently ¬†some Municipalities in Ontario have banned the use of Pressure Treated lumber for docks, due to it’s toxicity. You should never walk on pressure treated lumber without shoes, making a pressure treated type of dock useless for swimming and sun bathing.

Our side rails are 2″ x 6″ and our deck boards are 5/4″ radius edge. All connecting hardware is galvanized for long life and connection points have pass through bolting with plates on both sides to prevent bolt pull through. All leg stock is aluminum, and all deck screws are Ceramic coated for long life.

Our price list includes standard sizes, but custom designs and styles are available to suit your specific needs.We also manufacture custom deck and stair packages to help you utilize your waters edge.

White Cedar will naturally turn to a silver/grey colour over time. No stain or paint is required to protect your dock.

Not sure what you need? We offer free site surveys on Manitoulin Island to ensure the product you chose is the best for you.

Seasonal installation and removal of all docks, lifts railways and rafts by our professionaly trained crews now available.



2016 pricing available soon, or please call 705-282-8327 for prices.